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Many Ideas of Things to Do and Lean in July!
There's tons going on in Kids.Gov July calendar! This month there are helpful tips on
sun care, keeping kids safe during summer storms,
and for the 4th of July—firework safety tips. Courtesy Kids.Gov

Keep Kids Learning This Summer

School’s out, but learning doesn't have to be.
In fact, summertime can often provide students the perfect opportunity
to enhance a skill they haven't been able to work more on during the school year.

Visit Kids.gov and keep your kids learning this summer, whether they’re hiking,
visiting museums, reading, or simply exploring new things!

Consumer Topics
Every day, we make important decisions about finances, health, privacy, technology and more.
NCPW.gov offers consumers a wealth of tips and information from federal
and state government and non-profit partner organizations.
You can download and print the materials and share them with friends and neighbors,
or order materials from select partners if you're planning a larger event such as a conference or workshop.
Find a wealth of tips and information on a variety of consumer topics: banking, credit cards, identity theft, scam alerts, and more.
If you've bought a product or service and you have a problem with it, there are a few steps you can take:
  1. Keep a written record of everything related to the purchase, such as work orders, purchase receipts, and warranties.
  2. Contact the seller or manufacturer and explain the problem.
  3. If the problem is still not resolved, there are organizations that can help you.
Check out USAGov's YouTube channel for a video on how to file a complaint; you can also visit us at USA.gov for more consumer tips and help.

Moving? Change Your Address Online

While you might pay bills online and receive less paper mail, there are still important documents you need delivered to your actual mailbox.

Learn how you can change your address online and check out the list of government agencies that will need your new address.


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