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I want to talk with you about the importance of www.AsiAmericaDigest.comand why I hope you will consider supporting this valuable educational institution of caring and sharing knowledge.

The heart and soul of our website www.AsiAmericaDigest.com is to serve as a community website and a training ground for future journalists around the globe. Its role as a community website and innovation incubator allows us to share knowledge and insights that are vital to the future of our society.

Today, www.AsiAmericaDigest.comis a first class website, simulating, embracing and sharing wealth of knowledge, with a reader like you, and uniquely positioned to explore new ways of gathering and disseminating information. A journey of a Thousand Nautical Miles Begins with a First CLICK. One Little Click can make a Big Difference. Point, Click and Discover a monumental source of useful Information you can use.An heap of diamond pile, as high as Mount Everest, is stored on all links on the left side. And day to day valuable information can be viewed with a single CLICK. Nothing to DOWNLOAD and no purchase is needed. Interactivity and competition for increasingly fragmented advertising revenue is driving our need to ask for your support now more then ever.

Sharing knowledge has helped mankind survive and evolve into the intelligent and productive species he is today. In the animal kingdom and indeed in business, knowledge sharing can make the difference between survival and extinction.With great regards and respect and a deep faith in you, our reader, we'll continue to share our day to day information and wealth of knowledge with you and NEVER run any type of ads in www.AsiAmericaDigest.com

We strongly believe Knowledge and facts is to share and just like AIR, it should be FREE. Knowledge is for human potential, for freedom to use, for all kinds of opportunity. We believe everyone should have access to knowledge - for FREE, without restrictions, limitations or any barriers. So we ask you for your support. Now is the time we ask, if our website is useful and beneficial to you, then take a minute and send your contributions NOW and keep us going. We appreciate your gift, no matter the size, to support www.AsiAmericaDigest.comYou can play a pivotal role in helping us to preserve this unique service to our community at home and around the world.

Thanks and Regards

Ramakant Nagar
Editor, Publisher and website moderator
Graduate, Missouri School of Journalism,
University of Missouri (Top rated),
Columbia, Missouri, USA


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